Alpha 4314 KRC Reduced Current Digital Igniter Tester

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Safely test explosive devices with the Alpha 4314 KRC Reduced Current digital igniter tester, developed with fail-safe, current-limiting circuitry for applications involving squibs, combustibles, and other blasting devices.

  • Reduced-current version of the Alpha 4314 Standard Current
  • 100 micro-ohm resolution up to 2M ohms
  • Configurable with 4 ranges
  • Safe for explosive & volatile atmospheres
  • Complies to (EWR) 127-1, Section
  • NIST-traceable certificate of calibration included
  • Portable with rechargeable batteries
  • Alpha 4314 KRC Data Sheet and Manual
  • Configure & Price

    The Alpha 4314 KRC can be configured with 4 ranges to best meet the needs of your application.  Make your selection below.

    Enhance the connectivity of the Alpha 4314 by adding an RS-232 or BCD interface.

    • 495 $
    • 495 $

    Choose between standard battery-power and continuous isolated AC-power.  Selecting AC-Power will remove the battery functionality.

    • 200 $

Ultra-Safe Resistance Testing On Low-Current Explosive Devices

Designed with Fail-Safe Circuitry

The Alpha 4314 KRC Digital Igniter Tester is a portable digital ohmmeter which has been specifically designed for ultra-safe resistance testing on explosive devices (i.e. squibs, detonators).  Countless critical military, aerospace, and industrial applications utilize squibs and other blasting agents, and it is vital that these devices detonate precisely when required – not sooner, not later, not while testing for continuity integrity.  To guarantee both the readiness of the device and the safety of the technician or engineer, the Alpha 4314 KRC is equipped with redundant, dual fail-safe, current-limiting network circuitry that ensures instrument test currents cannot exceed the specified amount.

Even in the unlikely event of a worst case component failure, the output current limiting network is still in effect.

To certify that this level of safety is included in your instrument, we simulate a worst-case component failure during final testing and include the resulting recorded output current flow with your order.

Accurate, Portable Precision

The Alpha 4314 KRC utilizes a four-wire Kelvin input configuration to eliminate lead wire length and lead contact resistance errors. The units are battery powered with a heavy duty rechargable NiMH (10Ah) pack for portability and line isolation purposes. An AC adaptor battery charger is standard. For added convenience and safety, the Alpha 4314 KRC feature an internal switching configuration which automatically disables the battery charging circuit when in the operate mode. Alternately, all power is removed from the output circuitry when in the off/charging mode.

As with all Valhalla Digital Ohmmeters and Igniter Testers, the Alpha 4314 KRC is available with a host of 4-wire probes and cable sets. Consult the end of this section for complete information on Options and Accessories.


The 4314 series’ circuitry has been reviewed and approved by a U.S. Government Safety Board and all branches of our armed forces for specific military programs (i.e. Cruise Missile).

Range Selection, Resolution, and Accuracy

While standard version of the Alpha 4314 KRC features 20, 200, 2k, and 20k Ohm ranges, it can be configured to meet your needs. The table below lists the nine possible ranges that can be installed in the Alpha 4314 KRC.  When ordering, simply specify the four range numbers you want to be installed in your instrument.

The 20MΩ and 100MΩ ranges are only available on the standard current configuration.

Rng # Range Resolution Test Current Fail-Safe Current Test Current Fail-Safe Current Accuracy
0 100µΩ 10mA 16mA 5mA 8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
1 20Ω 1mΩ 10mA 16mA 5mA 8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
2 200Ω 10mΩ 1mA 1.8mA 500μA 1.8mA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
3 2kΩ 100mΩ 100μA 180μA 50μA 180μA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
4 20kΩ 10μA 18μA 5μA 18μA ± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
5 200kΩ 10Ω 1μA 1.8μA 500nA 1.8μA ± 0.05% of reading ± 0.05% of range
6 2MΩ 100Ω 100nA 180nA 50nA 180nA ± 1% of reading ± 0.2% of range
7 20MΩ 1kΩ 10nA 18nA n/a n/a ± 2% of reading ± 0.2% of range
8 200MΩ 10kΩ 1nA 1.8nA n/a n/a ± 3% of reading ± 1% of range
Alpha 4314 Alpha 4314 KRC Reduced

RS-232 Serial Interface Capability (NEW)

The interface is isolated to 2.5kV on both power and Data lines and uses iCoupler Technology. Option RS-232 provides a safe way to communicate with the Alpha 4314 KRC via a computer or PLC and allows the transfer of single readings or continuous transmission of data. This interface is for data acquisition only and does not provide range control. See Datasheet for more details.

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BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Capability

For applications requiring data output the Alpha 4314 KRC KRC is available with a BCD interface, which does not interfere or change the fail-safe feature of the instrument.

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Display Type4 ½ digits LEDs (19999)
3 readings per second
4-Wire Kelvin
Clamped at 1.6V
Power4 “D” Cell 1.2V recharg. NiMH Batteries 10000mAh
Battery Charger6VDC at 300mA nominal
Temperature Coefficient ±0.002% per °C (from 0°C-15°C and 35°C-50°C)
Operating Temp. Range0°C to 50°C
Storage Temp. Range-10°C to 70°C
Physical Specifications
Width9.5” / 24cm
Depth11” / 27cm
Height3” / 8cm
Weight3 lbs / 1.3kg net; 6lbs / 3kg shipping
ABattery Charger 115Vac to 6VDC @ 300mA
HDB4 Heavy Duty rechargeable NiMH Batteries 1.2V 10000mAH.
CC4Carrying Case for the meter with room for the battery charger and Lead Sets
HCCPelican 1500 Hard Carrying Case with Custom Foam for the meter, battery charger, up to 3 sets of leads and extra batteries.
R4Standard 19" equipment rack adaptor
RS232This option provides a safety isolated RS232 Serial interface. The interface provides measurements and other information.
BCDThis option provides parallel BCD data on p rear-panel 50-pin connector. All outputs are TTL comparable levels with a drive capability of 1 LS load.
AC-115Continuous Isolated AC Power
AF-6A 6-pin Mil-Spec circular connector (MS3112E10-6S) replaces the four-terminal banana jacks and the battery charger jack. Makes it physically impossible to simultaneously connect the AC/DC Charger while measuring with the test leads.
Rng #RangeResolutionTest CurrentFail-Safe CurrentTest CurrentFail-Safe CurrentAccuracy
0100µΩ10mA16mA5mA8mA± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
120Ω1mΩ10mA16mA5mA8mA± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
2200Ω10mΩ1mA1.8mA500μA1.8mA± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
32kΩ100mΩ100μA180μA50μA180μA± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
420kΩ10μA18μA5μA18μA± 0.03% of reading ± 0.02% of range
5200kΩ10Ω1μA1.8μA500nA1.8μA± 0.05% of reading ± 0.05% of range
62MΩ100Ω100nA180nA50nA180nA± 1% of reading ± 0.2% of range
720MΩ1kΩ10nA18nAn/an/a± 2% of reading ± 0.2% of range
8200MΩ10kΩ1nA1.8nAn/an/a± 3% of reading ± 1% of range
Alpha 4314Alpha 4314 KRC Reduced

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