Current Calibrators

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  • 2701C

  • 2575A Precision AC/DC Active Current Shunt

    The 2575A Precision AC-DC Active Current Shunt measures both AC/DC current and works as a standard for low-level resistance calibration requirements. 
    • Precision AC-DC Active Current Shunt
    • AC & DC Current Measurement to 100 Amps
    • Built-In Chopper Stabilizer Amplifier
    • Measurement tool for AC and DC
    • Working Calibration Standard
    • Calibration Traceable to NIST
    • Six Independent Switch Selectable Current Ranges
    • Fan-cooled Shunts for Thermal stability
    • Low Resistance Lab Standard Resistance Bank
  • 2555A 100-Amp Current Calibrator and AC/DC Transconductance Amplifier

    World’s Leading Precision 100-Amp AC/DC Current Standard
    For 30 years Valhalla Scientific’s design has proven rock-solid reliability in metrology labs worldwide.
    • Precision Programmable AC/DC 100-Amp Current Calibrator, Source, and Transconductance Amplifier
    • Maximum Output Current: 100A DC or RMS AC
    • Includes NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration
    • High Accuracy with Low Noise and Latency
    • High Common Mode Rejection
    • Load Regulation: Output current Δ < ± .002%
    • Dynamic Range: 0-100% of range up to maximum output (100A max.)